Cross-Body Bags – Look Ma, No Hands!

How annoying is it when you ‘re at a bar or a club and you have to hold a drink and your purse; or worse, hold a drink and dance (!) while holding onto your purse!? Well, good news for all you alcoholic-dancing Magpies out there (just keeding!).  Cross-body mini bags are back in fashion (and personally, from a practical side, we’re glad they returned!). Not only are they selling in all the major department stores and discount shops (think Forever 21), but almost every top designer has included the cross-body bag in their Spring/Summer collection – so there is a bag in every price range for every occasion. Now you can have a bag with just enough room to hold your Iphone or blackberry, lipgloss, and a credit card and still have use of your hands! Ashley Greene and Rachel Bilson love them too ( how cool is the Rebecca Minkoff’s version?).

We Magpies see this trend as more of a necessary, functional accessory. Just find a little bag that makes your outfit look faboosh, and then don’t take it off…ever. We are totally in love with Chanel’s mini bag (as is Audrina Patridge!)…

…and if we come across a couple of extra bucks, we plan on sleeping in it!  In any event, the look is in this summer, and there is a perfect little cross-body bag out there waiting for you. So unclutter those hands, Magpies, it’s time to dance!

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