Sarabeth’s…’Mmm Good

You just want to get together with some friends and you don’t feel like going to your usual diner to grab a snack. Where should you go? Well, we think the perfect place to eat, relax and chat is at Sarabeth’s on Madison and 91st Street. It feels like you’re dining inside a beautiful townhouse with wood panelled windows in the front and two crystal chandeliers hanging down from its two story ceiling.  It’s the kind of place to order an afternoon tea for two – and a tower of cookies, tea sandwiches and petit fours, and not feel ridiculous when saying it! And, if towers aren’t your thing, well then try the mini scones with Sarabeth’s homemade jam – it’s a perfect treat that’s not too sweet! However, the real reason we love to go to Sarabeth’s on a cold winter day, is for her signature Velvety Cream of Tomato Soup –  served piping hot ,with fresh blended cheeses and chives sprinkled on top, and bits of fresh tomatoes throughout – it is absolutely delicious!  There have been many soup imposters, but there is really nothing quite like it. So do yourself a favor, grab a friend and go see why Sarabeth’s is ‘mmm ‘mmm good!

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