For Great Dining, It’s As Easy As ABC…Kitchen,That Is!

We’ve been dying to go to ABC Kitchen for months, but it’s really tough to get a dinner reservation. So when one Magpie suggested we try ABC Kitchen for brunch (even though it was an absolutely beautiful day outside!) we still jumped at the chance to give it a try. And it did not disappoint. The decor is modern eclectic, with light oak furniture and white walls and daintily decorated with fresh flowers in vases and mismatched vintage cups and saucers. The whole menu uses all kinds of organic ingredients. And just in case you didn’t believe them, the fresh ingredients are all laid out on a long table in front of the kitchen.

We had to start with our favorite brunch drinks, bloody marys, blood orange mimosas, and vodka thyme lemonades. The drinks not only looked so pretty (and large!), they tasted fresh and delish!

We also had glazed donuts with homemade strawberry jam (which was served before our main dishes – dessert before the meal?). Nevertheless, they were really good – like a slightly denser Krispy Kreme donut, hot, homemade and sugary. We would not got running back there just for this – but if you’re a Krispy Kreme fan, you gotta try it.

The brunch menu is very diverse, which was perfect because we all were in the mood for something different to eat. One Magpie only wanted a sandwich, and she luckily chose the house-roasted turkey sandwich, which was made with applewood smoked bacon, arugula, jalapenos, and a chipotle avocado mayo. It was served on fresh, crusty bread, with a side of crispy shoestring french fries.

Two Magpies decided to split an omelette and scrambled eggs.  The eggs are not a Magpie recommendation. They were soo runny – tasted like egg soup, served in a bowl!

The omelette was made with goat cheese and spinach, and served with crispy hash brown potatoes. The waiter overheard that we were planning to split our dishes, and for no extra charge, he had the kitchen split the dishes for us…so we each got our own complete mini-omelette with potatoes!

The omelette was good, not great – the ingredients were really fresh, but it was one of those omelettes where the eggs are just folded around a bundle of the ingredients – but the service was impeccable.

The real hit of the day was the truffle mushroom, parmesan, oregano and farm egg (cracked in the middle!) pizza. We recommend this as a must-have for brunch, lunch or dinner, since it’s a unique twist on a pizza and served all day. All in all, Magpies, this was a really enjoyable meal and a very pleasant place to dine. We should also note that ABC Kitchen, is located inside ABC Carpet and Home, and has so many fun and unique items (from the store) decorating the restaurant that are also available for purchase. So to put it bluntly, your brunch tab can turn into a much bigger bill! But, if you can control your urge to splurge,  you’re sure to have a great dining experience.

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