They’re Real – We Hope It’s The Real Deal!

Since we Magpies are always on the lookout for the perfect jet black mascara that makes our lashes look, in the words of Lady Gaga, like we were born this way, we were very intrigued when we heard about Benefit’s brand new “They’re Real” mascara. The mega brush is supposed to lengthen and separate lashes while adding serious volume – giving the overall effect of false lashes. The best part about this mascara is…it’s available right now, only in NYC! The worst part – it’s only at one Sephora (in Times Square)! Magpies not in NYC, you can pick up your tube at any Sephora starting in July. We haven’t had a chance to get ours just yet (what’s up with launching a great mascara in just one store?? That’s a bit annoying!)…however, don’t you worry, once we do, we  promise to give you a “real” review of “They’re Real” – and let you know whether it really does what it says it does. In the meantime, if we have some Times Square Magpies who want to give this mascara a try, let us know if it is the real deal…and if  it makes your lashes look not only faboosh – but like they were born this way!

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