What’s Making Blake Lively Blush?

Blake Lively looked gorgeous while out and about in NYC last week, promoting her new flick “Green Lantern.” And while the film was not exactly a box office hit over the weekend, we think her makeup was faboosh when she appeared on “Regis and Kelly” to promote it. So we Magpies asked her makeup artist, Kristofer Buckle (he also works with Mariah Carey, Lucy Liu, and Kelly Ripa, to name a few) what color blush he used on Blake. Buckle told us he used Stila’s new Custom Color blush – which is meant to adapt to every person’s individual skin tone and pH to create the perfect flush. The powder’s consistency is also supposed to leave the skin flawless – while smoothing the appearance of fine lines. So now that we know what’s making Blake blush (we thought it was Leonardo DiCaprio!), we’re going to get a hold of that blush too (it’s available at Sephora). Although it would a lot more fun getting a hold of Leonardo DiCaprio!

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