Try Spasso – You’ll Be Amused!

Lately we Magpies have been in a bit of a restaurant rut. We’ve been going back to the same favorite restaurants and we were looking to change it up and try something new. When a friend mentioned that she loved Spasso, an Italian spot in the West Village, we knew we had to check it out. After all – Italian food and the West Village are pretty much our two favorite things! Spasso is located on the corner of Hudson and Perry – and from the moment you walk in, it has a really warm and inviting feeling.  Well…maybe a little too warm. It was about 100 degrees in the restaurant (and they even left their windows in the front open to the street!?). But once we stopped sweating (oops…maybe that’s a little TMI), we were able to really enjoy our meal. We started with the homemade stracciatella cheese appetizer, served with crunchy bread. The waiter had raved about this dish, but we weren’t completely sold – it was a bit soupy –  we didn’t love it.

However, we did love the crispy eggplant appetizer, served with fresh whipped housemade ricotta cheese inside (kinda looked like eggplant meatballs).

We also ordered the fried oysters, which were crispy and fresh (not fishy or seawater-y!), and had a really tasty sauce on the side…

…and a light, summer-y arugula salad, with fresh parmesan slices on top.  A nice palate-cleanser before the main courses! 

Then we moved on to some entrees to split. We really liked the consistency of the halibut dish, and found it lightly seasoned yet very flavorful.

We loooved the unique take on chicken marsala – instead of  fillets of chicken, this was prepared with small chicken pieces on the bone, and cooked in the most delish mushroom marsala sauce. There were homemade breadcrumbs, and cooked vegetables under the chicken, as well.

But the real standout of the night was the spaghetti pomodoro. We almost didn’t order this dish because it sounded like nothing special, but we decided to get it as an afterthought – and we’re so glad we did. All the pastas at Spasso are homemade. The spaghetti was served al dente, and a little thicker than the spaghetti we are used to.  It was just the right consistency, and the fresh, homemade tomato sauce tasted soo good!

So the next time you’re in a restaurant rut, Magpies…check out Spasso. It has enough variety to please just about any taste buds – and it will renew your love of restaurants. “Spasso” actually is Italian for “amusement” – and we promise you – you’ll be amused (and not just by the lack of air conditioning!)

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  1. Taylor says:

    I’m the friend!! I love this place. Perfect atmosphere and homemade pasta that is truly outstanding. I took my family to Spasso for my birthday. With seven hungry eaters, the pressure was on for my recommendation to meet everyone’s standards….and it did.

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