Get Your Haute Pretzel Here!

If you’re like some of the crew at Harriet Magpie, seeing a pretzel cart in Manhattan is like seeing an oasis in a desert…minus the water. We’re always trying pretzels from the many carts around the city, hoping to find that really delish pretzel from pretzels past. Alas, we must admit we’ve gotten the extra calories from these wannabes but not the yummy taste. Usually they’re rubbery, burnt or tasteless. We almost gave up our childhood indulgence. Luckily, we came across Sigmund’s Pretzel Cart, right by the 4/5 subway station down at Bowling Green, just before giving up pretzels forever.

Sigmund’s Pretzel Cart is not your run of the mill pretzel stands. They have an actual shop in the East Village at 3rd and Avenue B.  These guys (and girls!!) know what they’re doing.  They make all the sandwiches there on pretzel (obvs!) rolls (for all you Michigan Wolverines out there (go Blue!), you can relive your memories of tuna melts on pretzel rolls from Beansters…)

At their cart down in Battery City, after we selected our pretzel, the really nice young woman toasted it up hot for us upon purchase.  She said it’s extremely popular. Their mustard is a secret three-mustard blend – really good with a spicy kick. The pretzels are very salty (either you’ll love it, which we did, or….love it!). It’s a great doughy pretzel yet not too thick. If you’re adventurous, they also come in several cool, fashionable flavors (like truffle chedder, garlic parsley, and feta olive to name a few…)

And, they also sell pretzel dogs – a fun twist on an old NYC classic. It is kind of expensive at over 3 dollars.  But it’s a pretty oversized snack. Think of it as a fabulous designer hot pretzel smothered in spicy designer mustard. Mmmm…now that’s haute!

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