I Scream,You Scream! We All Scream For…Soft Serve Fruit?!


The crew at Harriet Magpie unanimously agrees that one of our favorite desserts is ice cream anything. Not only do we think topping any pie, cake or cookie with an ice cream scoop makes it so much more delicious, but we even agree that a small scoop au naturale is the best ending to any meal.  We don’t really have a preference if it’s ice cream or yogurt, frozen or soft serve, or on cone or in a cup. However, we all also agree that when the temperature reaches 100 degrees, even ice cream isn’t cold enough to eat as a snack. That’s why we were so excited to stumble upon the Soft Serve Fruit Co., a small concession stand inside a store located at 869 Montauk Highway in Water Mill (on our way to the Hamptons!) this past weekend. After being stuck in the car for what felt like an eternity, we were all really thirsty and craving something cold and refreshing – something like ice cream without being ice cream…and something more substantial than simply ices. This is the place to go to satisfy that non-ice cream craving. They make fresh, soft-serve real fruit smoothies that are dispensed in a swirl into three different size cups (or a pretzel cone!). The seasonal fruit flavors of the day were fresh mango, banana, pear, blueberry and strawberry.

They told us a small cup is just 90 calories and that the only added ingredients are a touch of organic (how healthy can you get??) cane sugar, and a bit of filtered water to give it its smooth consistency. It’s 100% natural; non-dairy, free of fat, sodium, cholesterol, gluten and all eight major allergens (who knew there were eight?!)…but loaded with taste! We all chose to make sundaes (ahem…a bit more than 90 calories…) with a combination of two fruit favors and topped it with some of the fun choices from their topping menu (like pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, organic cereal, and chocolate chips!).

It tastes just like you’re eating a thick, frozen fruit smoothie…so it cools you off and tastes yummy as well! One of the Magpies thought it tasted like the best frozen strawberry margarita. But that must have been the heat stroke talking…on the other hand, this would be really fantabulous topped with a shot of tequila (hey, but that’s for another post…). And the best news is…you don’t have to drive out to the Hamptons to taste this frozen treat. There are two NYC locations; one is on Third Avenue and 78th Street, and and a brand new store just opened up on 17th and Broadway. If you get a chance  you must give it a try. This is the wave of the future…especially if we keep having these heat waves!


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