Get Naked…Everyone Is!

We’re pretty sure many of you Magpie makeup junkies out there are familiar with Urban Decay eyeshadows. Also, we’re sure you know that they usually cost $12 a pop. So if you wanted to buy 12 different blendable, neutral colors it would cost over $100! This is probably the reason why Urban Decay’s Limited Edition eye shadow palette, Naked (which also comes with a great primer and a brush), has been out of stock for months! Well, good news, Magpies, you can get Naked too (whoaaa, keep those clothes on…),  jus like we did this week, because Sephora has just gotten this versatile, neutral color eye shadow palette back in stock! We must say, it was definitely worth the wait (well, not exactly for us, since we did just get the new Chanel quad for $65 recently…talk about overpaying for four eyeshadows!). At only $48 (a bargain!), this palette has every neutral color you will ever need to get you from ordinary to dramatic with just a couple of brushstrokes! One Magpie says she just goes down the line and puts on every color in the palette! Plus, Urban Decay did not throw in a chintzy brush with this set – it’s a very soft, user-friendly eyeshadow brush! So Magpies, if you are in the market for an eyelid makeover, or simply want an eyeshadow set with very natural colors, you should get your hands on this eye shadow palette! And you’d better hurry, ’cause we’re pretty sure everyone is going to want to get Naked too! But remember, ahem…keep those clothes on!

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