Was that An Earthquake In New York or Just Heads Shaking Over Lindsay Lohan’s Dress??

You have to hand it to Lindsay Lohan’s stylist (does she have one?) Not only did she select a dress that Pippa  Middleton wore to her sister’s wedding reception (in green), but she chose to change it up a little and not wear a bra. Now that’s one easy way to get some press time! Her mom, who is also her manager, chose to wear a black gown that was a bit goth-looking, so it was definitely not the best dress choice either. But, what do we know, we weren’t invited to the Kardashian-Jeffries wedding, so we really don’t know what dresses were available in stores on such short notice…FYI – Linds was not the reason why the Lohan clan(including little sis Ali!) scored a wedding invite – Dina and Chris are bestest friends because they are both reality mom managers(obvs)…


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