Bendel’s Fashion’s Night Out – A Night of Fun, Fashion and…FattyCakes?

Nothing is more fun for us Magpies than checking out the talented new designers that showcase their lines at Henri Bendels’s department store. We  always seem to find some adorable new piece of jewelry or fabulous new makeup to purchase and share with our readers. At this week’s Fashion’s Night Out however, Bendels transformed the entire third floor into the actual Hester Street Fair – a market for young specialty businessowners to introduce (and sell!) their creations. Lucky for us, this included some tasty treats!  We were there to sample some of these showcased items and got to try some of the coolest cookie confections courtesy of Jennifer Taylor-Miller, the owner and chef of FattyCakes.

Like everything at Bendel’s, the pretty display of the innovative cookies drew us towards the booth, but the aroma and odd combinations of cookie ingredients made her booth the hottest place to be on this night of fashion. As our regular readers know, we are suckers for anything red velvet. We know all you naysayers will remind us that it’s really just food coloring, but somehow everything tastes better when it starts with red velvet! When we were offered a taste of a Betty Jo, a red velvet cookie with white chocolate chips AND cream cheese filling…

…we knew we were in the presence of one smart cookie – destined to take over the cookie world one faboosh red velvet cookie at a time. We went home with some other of her fabulous cookies, combinations like “Movie Theater” (sugar cookie with popcorn, Swedish Fish and chocolate – perfect for the indecisive candy eater), “Sticky Fingers” (peanut butter cookie packed with homemade peanut brittle, caramel, and butter popcorn – MMM, how good does that sound??), “The Big Daddy” (peanut butter with bacon peanut brittle and sea salt…amazing!), the “Dark and Stormy” (a ginger cookie with spiced rum cream – not our fave, but still innovative), and one Magpie’s personal fave, the “Old Faithful” (butter cookie with PECAN PIE filling – WOW!).  Needless to say, we did not expect that Fashion’s Night Out would also be showcasing food, but we really think we’ve discovered a brand new creative cookie company (and yet another way to gain weight in the name of our website). You can check out FattyCakes for yourself (and by the way, we’re not talking about the crew at Harriet Magpie…although these cookies are addicting!) to get a taste of what we’re “craving”‘ about!

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