For Your Feet and Stomach – Fiorello

Fiorello’s has been around for a really long time. So long in fact that we Magpies thought it a bit too touristy to dine at. With its prime location and really nice outdoor patio dining as well, we thought there wasn’t a chance in hell that the food would also be good. Well, we were so wrong. And now that Century 21 Department Store calls the Upper West Side its home, we Magpies are glad that we’ve found a perfect place to eat and rest our weary feet after a hard day of shopping! Before we talk food, we must let you know how good the shopping is around this area. There are so many cute shops to check out plus two super giants in discount designer fashion – Loehmann’s on 73rd and Broadway and now Century 21. Both are extremely fun to shop at, and now you can look for competitive prices in the discounted designer prices! (We actually spotted the same exact Moschino silk shirt and shell at both stores – and the Century 21 price tag was a hundred dollars cheaper than Loehmann’s(!). Well, what does shopping have to do with reviewing restaurants? Looking for a great bargain takes a lot of hard work. We needed a place to regroup and relax. And as we looked around the area, we spotted Fiorello’s large awning at its outdoor cafe (there’s also indoor dining too!) with fashionable people having lunch…and we knew we had to try it out. We started with a delicious pear, fried goat cheese and arugula salad, which was light and fresh and a perfect beginning to the flatbread pizza that we ordered.

Topped with eggplant, roasted tomatoes, pomodoro and a drizzle of olive oil, this was a perfect lunch pie to share when you want something light and tasty without being too filling. We thoroughly enjoyed it, although our one regret was that we shared it and didnt just each get our own. Since it was so light and crispy it practically melts in your mouth…and disappears right before your eyes! Our beverage choice was iced tea which was served with its own individual decanter – another nice touch at a restaurant we thought was too touristy! Fiorello’s is open for lunch and dinner, and though we really only knew it as a dinner restaurant, we learned how wrong our previous impression was as we devoured our lunch. It was a perfect place for lunch with service that was professional and attentive. Why shouldn’t we go to a really nice place to eat after a hard day of shopping? We deserve it – and so do you!

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