Lexington Brass Brunch – Good Food, Good Service, Good Luck

Okay, okay, that’s not really a rave Magpie review for this new restaurant venture by the very successful EMM group (they run Abe & Arthur’s, Tenjune and SL – to name a few). Because it was just that: nice food, enthusiastic wait staff, and a very pleasant room to dine in. There was just something missing. Maybe it’s because it’s so new that it doesn’t have any vibe or following yet. It just seems like any nice restaurant in a hotel that you might be staying at in any city in the U.S.  Except we weren’t staying in the hotel. Maybe that’s what’s off about it. There were some  hotel patrons definitely dining there at the time we were there, and an assortment of  couples and families to round out the rest of the place. But, it had no distinct buzz for a New York brunch place – which we always enjoy – because it wasn’t here and we missed it.  A novel feature is that brunch is served here every day of the week – a real plus for us. The menu features Stumptown coffee (a real favorite of ours), and some very inventive-sounding dishes. The tables are comfortably spread apart which is perfect for conversation, and it has a bright, welcoming decor with floor to ceiling windows, rich wood paneling  and brass accents – like you’d imagine you would see in a breakfast car on the Orient Express!  We always love to try the bread basket when they have it on a menu – but this basket was really not that good.

It had one dry scone and some mini croissants and a bland tasting mini muffin. At ten bucks a basket, it was definitely not a hit and not worth it.  We then each ordered a different dish. One Magpie was dying to try the featured jelly donut pancakes – which turned out to be our favorite.

The pancake itself was light, almost melted in your mouth and it had just a  hint of  fruit preserves melted into the lightly-crisped bottom, and was really quite good.  Another Magpie got the waffle with fresh fruit topping.

It was a really small portion (as were all the portions – perfect for very small eaters, not really good for sharing and definitely not big enough for a hungry guy!) . There is always a Magpie who wants to try an omelette – this one, bacon and cheddar cheese, with a side of delish home fries.

The omelette itself was a bit watery, but it still was tasty and the presentation was nice too.  The host, wait staff, and bus staff were very attentive and professional, and they didn’t rush us at all.  However, it was still an expensive brunch for good, not great food with a bland dining atmosphere. But since it is quite new, and fills a void for good breakfast spots in midtown east, that could all change if it gets its groove back…or rather, finds it. Lexington Brass has got good food  and good service…good luck getting the rest.





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