Rubirosa – A Gem Of A Place


It’s only been around for a year, but Rubirosa, a little Italian gem located on Mulberry Street in Nolita (right at the start of Little Italy) has made a big impression on its New York fans. It’s a quiet, unassuming place, that happens to have some of the best Italian specialties we’ve ever tried. Our favorite dish that we’ve had there before were the homemade meatballs (delish!).  On previous visits, we’ve also tried the homemade spaghetti and fresh tomato sauce,

and their classic, cracker-thin marinara pie (with extra gooey cheese!).

But recently, we were able to sample their signature antipasto platter and specialty pies that we’ve never had before because we scored an invite to their one year celebration! Yay!!

At the party, they had specialty pies sliced up and served in a steady stream, mozzerella sticks and rice balls being passed around, as well as fine wines being poured for the guests as soon as our glasses emptied!  We loved trying all of the pies and would recommend any – although we were really partial to the pies that had a sausage or meatball topping!

To say that the thin crust pizza topped with vodka sauce and meatballs was fabulous would be an understatement. The crispy crust melts in your mouth and their vodka sauce could make anyone (well, us!) crave the entire pie.

But since they also served lasagna and our favorite meatballs, we controlled ourselves – we had to have room to taste everything!

It was simply a scrumptious celebration! The food was fresh and delicious, and the entire staff was gracious and attentive to all the guests. We were thrilled to be able to take part in this delicious anniversary celebration, and we hope to be invited next year to toast their continued success. The combination of fresh,wholesome ingredients, prepared in a simple, yet unique way has made Rubirosa a foodie favorite. However, the food and service is so good that everyone will fall in love with Rubirosa – it’s just a gem of a place.





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