Isabella’s Is A Bella Place To Dine!

We Magpies were out and about and wanted to sit down like ladies and have lunch somewhere rather than just grab lunch somewhere. We decided that we were in the mood for a salad and one Magpie suggested her favorite place to go, Isabella’s, on 77th and Columbus, on the Upper West Side. It was such a sunny, beautiful fall day that when we arrived at Isabellas, with its dining area outside ,we were tempted to sit outside. But since it was trés busy, and there were few tables available, we went inside to be seated. It’s a deceptively large area, made more intimate because of a raised balconied area that breaks up the space.

With floor to ceiling, walnut stained casement windows cranked open to the patio area and ivory lace curtains blowing gently into the room, we felt as if we were sitting outside, without the hustle and bustle of passing people and cars. The menu is perfect for lunch, with a variety of omelettes and salads and interesting sandwiches to choose from. We both chose the shrimp cobb salad.

As we sat waiting for our food to arrive, we loved gazing around the room, with its huge potted urn filled with palm stalks as the main focal point,, and the crisp white tableclothes and white china that adorned the tables. It makes you feel like a very a important guest even if you’re just having a cobb salad with shrimp! And speaking of lunch,  the cobb salad arrived  fresh and delicious with all the ingredients diced and placed neatly on top of our chopped mixed greens.

Our glasses were continuously filled with iced water with lemon and our iced teas were served just when we had asked for them. No unneccessary waiting for anything because the service was so good. Who knew one could dine on a salad at lunch instead of grabbing it instead? Lovely dining room, good food, and gracious service- we will definitely return, and you should too. Isabella – such-a bella place to dine.

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