Le Pain Quotidien – A Belgian Chain For The Sophisticated Palette

For all you Magpies who think that this post is about a pain in our quotidien (OMD – that’s oh mon dieu!), think again! We have no pain to report when it comes to this upscale Belgian chain that’s in several locations around the city. Le Pain Quotidien is French and its name means the daily bread. We Magpies were looking for a lunch place to go that was nicer than a diner, but had a lighter lunch fare than the typical bar restaurants. We were on the West side in the teens and we had no particular restaurant in mind so we decided to just select a restaurant by its menu, and how long a wait we would have. We decided that steak, burgers, fish sliders and pigs feet were out of the question, and then we came across Le Pain. With its delicious bakery in the front displaying all kinds of goodies to eat (such as croissants, muffins and fabulous-looking chocolate chip cookies), we knew we had found the perfect lunchtime place. We had a very short wait before we were seated, so we had time to figure out what we wanted from the menu and  a chance to review the daily specials listed on the blackboard. We sat down and ordered our coffee immediately, which came with a cup and an individual pot for our own refill. Tres cute!

We then looked over the menu quickly, checking out the calorie count that was listed next to each item. With a calorie count of 410,  the egg salad topped with anchovies and tiny pickles on open faced whole wheat bread was just perfect for lunch.

Another Magpie went with the turkey and avocado sandwich, also served open faced with lettuce and tomato garnish – calories – 420.

But don’t be fooled by all  our calorie counting, we simply wanted to have room for the freshly baked giant chocolate chip cookies that we planned on ordering. They were just delish.

Perfectly baked with huge chocolate chips throughout the crispy cookie, it was ideal for sharing ’cause it takes up an entire plate! (calorie count…who cares?!!)  This was the second Le Pain Quotidien that we’ve been to and we must say they were exactly the same in quality of service and food. Comment do they do it? Well at Le Pain Quotidien – they do it tres bien!

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  1. Thank your for featuring us! We are glad you enjoyed our lunch. We are actually belgian ; ) Hope you will come back soon to visit us.
    Le Pain Quotidien

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