Diablo Royale – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Diablo Royale, a tiny but very popular Mexican restaurant on West 10th Street in the West Village, was a dining roller coaster! It had a really great, young crowd, but our dining experience was extremely uneven. One Magpie ordered the chicken quesadilla – which was good…really, really good! As were the fab steak tacos!

Another Magpie went with the fish tacos.. which was a huge mistake! Don’t dare get the fish tacos…they were really so baddd…bordering on grosseroonie (and we Magpies will usually eat anything!).

So then we ordered a large guac to accompany our main dishes (and to drown out that bad fishy taste…yucko!). And boy, were we shocked at the size…this was our “large” portion (you can see it dwarfed by the chip basket)!!

It was such a small serving (and way overpriced)…that it was downright ugly. So there you have it, a Mexican restaurant that was extremely good (good crowd, great steak and chicken tacos), really, really bad (fish tacos…dont get us started…), and just plain ugly (way overpriced, teeny guacamole). Will we go back? Definitely – we’ll just avoid those fishy tacos and overpriced appetizers. We Magpies love great crowds in small spaces!! (P.S. – and one of our fave bars, The Windsor, is located right next door!).




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