If It’s Good Enough For Adele…

Adele…that voice, those eyes…those eyelashes!!! Well “RUMOR HAS IT” that the London-based mascara, Eyeko mascara, which Adele uses to make her eyes pop! was debuting in New York, and we Magpies wanted to be first in line (well…maybe not the first…) at Sephora to pick up a tube.  We went to two different Sephora locations before finding the one that had just gotten them in – they weren’t even on display yet!  From the back room boxes, we were lucky to grab several tubes for ourselves. We Magpies have tried the mascara and are happy to report that our lashes are faboosh!  Two things make this mascara so unique – 1) It’s applied a bit differently because it comes with a safety guard (in the shape of a guitar pick) to place behind the top line of your lashes so you get to pile on the mascara to great lengths without getting your lid all messy, and 2) it’s shaped like a tube of toothpaste, so not one bit of mascara is wasted!  Squeeze it out to the last drop! So if you want to try and get those long, luscious lashes like Adele – you’d better get over to Sephora to buy this fab mascara before they run out. we give this Eyeko masara an A+; an A for the long wispy lashes which we loved, and PLUS we got those dramatic Adele eyes…

FYI -Magpie update – the Eyeko mascara that Adele(our good friend!) and we are obsessed with is called Skinny Brush Mascara – we had the wrong pic originally in the post when we first told you all about this faboosh new mascara – our bad!

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