Yasuda Gone to Mizu

Because Sushi Yasuda is always rated as one of the best sushi restaurants in New York City (and we never ate there!) we were excited to give it a shot. From salmon sashimi to spicy tuna rolls, we love pretty much any sushi – and we eat it at least once (ok, twice) a week. So, I guess that makes us an authority on good sushi in New York!  However, we’re sad to say – this restaurant does not deserve its title.    
First of all, the place itself has been described as “chic and “minimalist,”  which is a really nice way of saying that it’s way underdecorated with little aesthetic appeal – wood walls and wood floors, that’s about it. We were seated after waiting a good half hour for our nine o’clock reservation even though there were clearly available tables (maybe we’re too sensitive but it did seem the host was purposely making us wait!) Once seated, we checked out the menu and saw that the chef recommended certain kinds of sushi that were supposed to be the “freshest” of the night (hmmm… aren’t they all supposed to be fresh…?). Well, we’re not ones to disagree with the chef – so we ordered a sushi/sashimi combo to try a big variety of fish.

Well, that was our second mistake – the sushi at Sushi Yasuda was really bad. It was way too salty, way too fishy, and almost inedible. We actually ordered a fried monkfish appetizer to get rid of the bad taste the sushi had left in our mouths! And to top it off – this place is not cheap!  So to all the “foodies” out there – here’s our advice – don’t try it. Head to Mizu (or Yama) instead.

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  1. jmoff says:

    For sushi, yama is by far the best bang for your buck. Mizu is a little too expensive for what you get but quality is definitely there. If people are willing to spend mizu $$$, they should try kanoyama (12th and 2nd I think). Highly rated on zagat but rarely (if ever) talked about. I am a big sushi foodie, so I’m glad to hear that yasuda didn’t make the cut. I hate overly priced places that under deliver. Bond street sushi is worth that bill, but yasuda and nobu def aren’t.

    Much love,

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