Grey Dog is Great, Dawg

There are great places for breakfast in the city…and definitely, some great places for dinner. But where to go when you just want a really good sandwich? You go to Grey Dog Coffee, on University between 11th and 12th Streets.

You definitely don’t feel like you’re in New York City anymore. It’s warm, cozy, and decorated with all different paintings of dogs. You order cafeteria style and busboys bring the food over to you by calling out your name. It’s so homey that you can actually drop your keys, phone and coat at your table, go up to order, and know that when you return to your table, everything will be right where you left it. And if you’re waiting for a friend who’s running late – don’t despair. Nobody rushes you at this laidback gem.

We decided to order a couple of the sandwiches to try. Our favorites were a tuna melt with cheddar and a turkey sandwich with granny smith apple, brie and raspberry mustard on cranberry multi-grain bread. Beyond good! Never ones to shy away from dessert- we had to try a chocolate chip cookie. The girl sitting next to us (a regular, who has come every week for the last eight years) told us we should ask them to warm it up. So of course, we did…Mmmmmm.

So the next time someone says let’s do lunch- say yes, and take them to Grey Dog.

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