Ring-a-Ding-Ding We Love the Wrist Bling

We know that this look has been around forever – since the days of Cleopatra, when she would greet her loyal subjects with a wave of her dazzling ring-to-wrist bling. So it is fitting that we recently located one of these fashionable wrist accessories, while looking around foreverForever 21 that is! It reminded us of Beyonce’s bracelet-ring combo she had designed for her by Lorraine Schwartz (left). It was so faboosh!

Other Hollywood stars have taken to this fad as well- Vanessa Hudgens seemed very attached to her ring-wrist jewelry when she was spotted out for coffee recently with Disney pal Ashley Tisdale. And though ours costs a lot less than a real piece of designer jewelry (actually, at Forever21, even their fake designer jewelry is cheaper!), we still think it’s lots of fun to wear! It makes holding a drink an accessory…oh, so glamorous! There is one drawback – you can’t put your hand with the ring-wrist bling in your bag – it’s so fragile it’ll never make it out in one piece. We learned that the hard way…oops!

This look can be purchased at Forever 21, Free People, and Frederick’s of Hollywood. Our favorites were from Free People – find it here.

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  1. Lisa says:

    how do i go about purchasing the Beyonce ring bracelet as pictured above?

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