A is for Apotheke!

To say that we were pleasantly surprised by Apotheke is a complete understatement.  This lavish cocktail bar is hidden in Chinatown in a slightly sketchy alley with an unassuming bouncer hanging outside its door. However, upon entering Apotheke, we were immediately drawn in by its unique look and subdued decadence- pale, painted exposed brick walls,  plush red velvet couches, and glistening chemistry bottle chandeliers which light the bar in a trés seductive amber glow.

So we were more than eager to sit down and begin one of the most creative drinking experiences we’ve ever had. The cocktail menu at Apotheke is ridiculously extensive (with categories divided into sections like aisles of an apothecary- e.g. painkillers, stress relievers, health and beauty and house remedies)! You can literally spend an entire night trying to make a decision! But don’t do that, silly, because we can assure you that any drink you order is sure to be dazzlingly delicious! (One of our friends actually pointed to a drink passing by and said “I’ll  take that” and was not disappointed).

And while you sip on one of the outrageous and colorful cocktails, you can sit back, relax (thought the couches are a little low), listen to jazz (on Monday, it’s live)- or just simply check out the crowd!  We totally loved this place and think its definitely worthy to be one of our alphabest. Apotheke deserves the A! (all images via apothekebar.com)

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