So Many Good Reasons To Go – Gemma Gets the G

The celebrity-favorite Gemma, on the corner of 3rd Street and Bowery, is a destination where you can eat (really, really good food), drink (great specialty drinks or wine from their vast wine collection), and be merry (cause they don’t rush you out and there’s always a chance you’ll spot some celeb!) – all in one night. And we’ve spent many a night there doing all three. We Magpies go out to dinner all the time, yet there are very few restaurants in New York that we’ve been to that we can’t wait to go back to.  And Gemma is one of them.The place is dimly lit and accented with candles – decorated in a very European way. When you step inside, you feel like you’ve stepped into a parlor in Italy, but you’re immediately snapped back to New York once you realize that, no matter what time or day, there’s always a wait. The menu isn’t extensive, but they do have a good selection of pasta and specialty pizza.  A must-order is the Focaccia Robiola pizza, which is made with white truffle oil and creamy robiola. It’s almost addicting—we order it every time we go and we love it every time we get it! For pastas, try the pappardelle with oxtail ragu topped with fresh ricotta – we have no idea what’s in it, but it tastes sooo good. And if you’re looking to keep the night going, you can do just that. You can actually dine and carry on a conversation (or not!), unlike many hot restaurants in NYC. And like we mentioned before, it’s a great place for people watching. On different occasions, we’ve spotted Blake Lively and Penn Badgley (together eating our fave pizza! ); stylist Rachel Zoe; (not sure if she was eating…); model Lily Donaldson (ditto Rachel Zoe); and Simon from “7th Heaven” (definitely eating…maybe too much). So, why should you make sure to go to Gemma, since there’s really not one good reason to go…’cause there are just too many good reasons!! By the way, after dinner, if you’re still up for hanging out, just go into the lobby bar of the Bowery Hotel and check out the scene. It’s usually packed on the weekends, but that’s just fine when you’re going to hang out after you’ve dined out!

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