B goes to Buttercup Bake Shop

The weight wait is over! Finding the right cupcake takes a lot of patience, time and calories.  That’s why the professional cupcake eaters at Harriet Magpie have decided to help our readers eat responsibly when it comes to selecting their desserts.  Why regret eating a little too hard cake at Crumbs, a little too sugary icing at Sugar Sweet Sunshine, or a little too dry (and frankly, a little too large) cupcake at Magnolia?  Lucky for you, we’ve taken the decision making out of the equation, and come up with one that’s just right. As we have discovered through our highly scientific research, there have been many cupcake imposters that simply don’t measure up to Buttercup Bake Shop on 2nd Avenue between 51st and 52nd Streets. It’s been around for over 10 years, and there’s a reason why- Buttercup Bake Shop takes the cake!

As soon as you step in, you get a sugar rush.  They sell cakes, brownies, fabulous puddings and other items, but are most well-known for their colorful cupcakes- they’re always fresh, with a dense angel cake consistency and frosted to perfection.

We also love the banana pudding made with Nilla wafers.  Real banana chunks in a cream pudding that’s light and not too sweet. In doing our research, we’ve come across other places rumored to have the best banana pudding- but you can’t beat the original: Buttercup’s out-tastes them all.

Even the bake shop itself has a whimsical charm, much like its owner, talented pastry chef and author Jennifer Appel.  So stop by and enjoy a cup of coffee with your cupcake, or call to place an order, or, in just a few weeks, order right from their website- Buttercup’s going digital! And, if you get really ambitious, you can purchase one of Jennifer’s Buttercup Bake Shop Cookbooks, and try your luck whipping up one of her tasty treats. But she does it so good herself, we’ll just let her do it for us- we Magpies are professional eaters, not chefs! Buttercup Bake Shop- you’re one of our Alphabests!

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