Sala One Nine – One Good Time!

A group of Magpies got together for dinner the other night at Sala One Nine, a cozy yet trendy Spanish tapas restaurant on 19th Street between 5th and 6 Avenues.  There were so many interesting things on the menu (translation – sounds weird…tastes delish) that we had a hard time deciding what to order  – so we tried several dishes! And each simply left us sala-vating for more! We started with the mussels, which were steamed in an olive oil, tomato and garlic broth, and they were great; the mussels were firm, not chewy, and the broth was perfect for dipping the bread (also very good)!

Next came the shrimp in garlic sauce.  The buttery garlic sauce was light but flavorful and did not overpower the sweet jumbo shrimp – really quite good and also a good choice for dipping.

We also got the Brie Fundido flatbread – baked brie over wild mushroom (can be ordered over ham instead),

the Toast with roasted tomatoes, fried egg and olive oil,

and our favorite of the night, the melt-in-your-mouth fried goat cheese.  One magpie compared it to carnival funnel cake with frosting – but even better, because it had just the right amount of cheese to balance out its sweet taste!

After we felt sufficiently stuffed, we Magpies still managed to order dessert to share, because the table next to us was raving about them. The molten lava chocolate souffle, which can either be really good or really bad – was REALLY good.  The perfect dessert to finish off our meal and satisfy our chocolate craving.

Last, but certainly not least, one of our favorite things served at Sala was the sangria – it was sooooo refreshing! It had chunks of fresh apples in each glassful, yet was not overly sweet;  and it perfectly complemented the meal…every glass we had…but who’s counting? (hehe)

On a side note, if you noticed, there was one ingredient very present in each dish that we loved, GARLIC.  So, if you do go to Sala, make sure you go with really good friends…and bring some mints. Get the picture? 😉

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