Hundreds of Reasons Hundred Acres Gets The “H”

Hundred Acres, a charming restaurant located at 38 MacDougal Street between Prince and West Houston, is owned and operated by the same people responsible for our other fave brunch place, Cookshop. What makes this restaurant so good? Well, for one thing it’s a very open, sunny place to start off a Sunday. For those of you that have been to beach houses in the Hamptons or farmhouses in Vermont, we think you’ll appreciate the airiness of this place, and the preppy plaid shirts worn by the wait staff. It has a main dining room which is bathed in sunlight, tables in the front that open onto the street, and also a garden out back. We started off the brunch right, with cocktails – spicy Bloody Marys (with olives!) and a peach Bellini. There is a variety of drinks on the menu, including several different types of Bellinis and Bloody Marys. We chose the classics – they were just delicious (maybe it was the generous amount of alcohol in the drink!)!

We were fortunate to have a very helpful waitress, who suggested that we start the meal with the warm cream biscuits – served piping hot and crusty. These came with a complimentary slice of banana-walnut bread & honey butter – deeeee-lish!

We then made selections for our main entrees, which were twists on some of our favorite dishes! We had a grilled cheese sandwich, but stuffed with heavenly Vermont Tarentaise cheese, sliced apples, crushed pecans, honey-mustard, and a side of ah-mazing crispy french fries.  The sandwich was delicious – a bit buttery on the bread, but overall not too greasy and quite tasty!

We also tried the Acres Scramble – eggs scrambled just the way we usually like (not runny!), but with smoked salmon, onions, and Gruyere cheese – and a piece of cornbread on the side!

And finally, we ordered the poached eggs dish – but these eggs were placed atop a spinach and goat cheese bread pudding – an unusual combination that worked brilliantly!

Hundred Acres is a lovely place to go for brunch on a sunny afternoon. Unfortunately, we can’t list all the hundreds of reasons we loved Hundred Acres – we’ll just say it is well deserving of the “H” on our list of Alpha-bests! And if you’re smart, you’ll make a reservation and try it out yourself – start making your own list of hundreds of reasons to love it too!

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