Primehouse is Sooo Good! Why is it Sooo Empty?

We’ve been to Primehouse New York (a steak restaurant on 28th Street and Park Avenue) several times. Actually, the first time we tried it was on a Friday night, when two other restaurants that we really wanted to go to had ridiculously long waits. At Primehouse, we simply walked in without a reservation and were immediately seated! In New York, that’s not always a good sign. Even bad restaurants make you wait when there are tables available! So, the first time we ate there, we Magpies were a little nervous that it was going to cost big bucks for a not-so-hot meal. Our first impression of Primehouse was that it was a spacious, tastefully decorated, open restaurant – perfect for large groups (a rowdy bachelor party was going on while we were there); also good for small groups for an evening of eating and conversation. Because even with larger groups dining at the same time (ahem…like that bachelor party), acoustically, you can hear yourself speak!  We ordered our drinks as soon as we sat down, and the service was terrific. The drinks were made exactly to our liking, and they served complimentary hot bread with holes in the center (not bagels, haha,we know our bagels!) piled straight up on a stick, with our drinks.

We all started with the caesar salad (creamy deliciousness!)…

…which was made tableside – such a nice touch.

For the entrees, some Magpies went the obvious steak route, which was the porterhouse prepared just the way they they had requested – medium rare, which, for some reason, seems difficult for many steak places to get right! The other Magpies were a bit more daring, and ordered the sliced tuna…

…and chicken special (with gnocchi!) and both were delish.

One even got the cheeseburger – cooked to order and still sizzling.

We went a little crazy with the sides and ordered both sweet potato fries and french fries, fried onion rings, mac and cheese…

…and sauteed spinach (just to balance out the starches). And everything was sooo good! You would think that after such a carb-laden meal, it would deter us from ordering the humongous chocolate cake for dessert…but you’d think wrong! Never ones to pass on dessert (unless we are deathly sick or out of cash), especially when it has the word “giant” before chocolate cake on the menu, we ordered one to share. We must say that this was one dense, delectable chocolate cake that even that guy from “Man vs. Food” would have found difficult to finish.

Luckily, we Magpies are professionals at tackling highly caloric scrumptious desserts, although it might have been wiser to have just tasted a small piece and given the rest to that bachelor party. We will definitely remember that for the next time. And to top off your meal, this really sweet restaurant gives you something really sweet (individually packaged blondies!) to take home – compliments of the chef! (Don’t you just love this place?!)

All in all, it was a great place to dine and we will go back again, and not only when we can’t get a reservation anywhere else…cause Primehouse is sooo good! Why is it sooo empty?!

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