To Penelope…With Love

Dear Penelope,

The staff at Harriet Magpie wants to ask for forgiveness for judging you prematurely and waiting so long to give you another chance. We had visited you for lunch about a year ago and it was not memorable…but we decided to go back after seeing consistently long lines outside your cozy place every Sunday, around brunch time. And we are writing to let you know that we really had a great time and we’d love to do it again. We went for brunch on Sunday afternoon around three o’clock (late for brunch.. but it was still packed – bright, cheery and very homey!).

We sat down and the waitress immediately came over to take our order. We ordered one of your house specialty drinks, strawberry bellinis, which was a perfect choice – so light and refreshing…and not too alcoholic to make us nauseous.

We decided to split a couple of our usual fave brunch dishes and ordered some of your homemade sweet pastries because we just couldn’t resist! We loved how you served the scrambled eggs with white American cheese accompanied by handcut french fries and fresh, toasted seven grain toast.

The homemade currant scone was delish, not too sweet and was a perfect complement to your homemade blueberry jam.

The raspberry sour cream coffee cake was just like my grandma’s (if she only cooked) and it also was fresh out of the oven.

But, we must confess we fell in love…with your whole grain strawberry waffles (with fresh strawberries cooked into the waffles!) and sprinkled with toasted coconut! And even though we hate papaya, it was a nice touch of color for our plate.

Oh, and we forgot to mention how good your coffee was, in all the different coffee mugs we all got. How you let us linger for TWO hours (we now know why there’s always a wait!), and were gracious about refilling our bottomless coffee mugs. So Penelope, you’ve won our hearts and we promise to never let you out of our lives again…unless there’s another ridiculously long wait…

With Love,

Harriet Magpie

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