I is for Inoteca

We’ve walked by Gramercy’s Inoteca several times since it opened and it’s always crowded. Well, maybe that’s a bit of an understatement, because Inoteca is always packed! We’re talking lots of people spilling out onto the corner of 24th and 3rd – waiting to get inside. So recently, we had the chance to finally check this place out from the inside  – and we can honestly say, it’s become one of our faves. First off, the place is really cozy and comfortable, with soft lighting, the perfect place to go for a date or catch up with friends. Even for a weeknight it was busy, but it was still quiet enough to enjoy a good conversation.

They have an extensive wine list, and we started off with a bottle of sauvignon blanc, which was light and refreshing – perfect for a warm summer night. After taking a glance at the menu of antipasti and different shared appetizers, we decided to go with a set of bruschetta (you can order in sets of three, five, seven, etc) in all different flavors – ricotta, tapenade, fig mascarpone…etc. All of the ones we tasted were delicious, but our absolute favorite was the fig mascarpone (go fig-ure!)- which was sweet and savory at the same time.

We then ordered a panini, for which Inoteca is famous, with bresaola, arugula, grana, and lemon oil (a fancy twist on a classic meat and cheese sandwich)…

…and the lasagnette di melanzane, which was out of this world. Although we don’t normally order lasagna… a friend had suggested we try it, and let us tell you, this was not your traditional lasagna. There’s no pasta – it’s made like a layered eggplant parm, but with ricotta throughout. It was beyond delicious.

So after wanting to try Inoteca for some time, we’re happy to have found out for ourselves what the crowds were all about. We were so excited to have found Inoteca. It’s a casual place with really great food – and we can’t wait to go back…again and again!  That’s why Inoteca deserves the “I” on our Alphabest list – it’s indescribably delicious!

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