Stone Street – It’s One Huge Happy Hour!

Are you working really hard or hardly working? Do you find that you’ve tried practically every cool rooftop/outdoor bar for happy hour and bartenders are starting to know your drink before you order?  Well, if you’re like the crew at Harriet Magpie, then it’s definitely time to try something different, and perhaps Stone Street is the street for you!  Tucked all the way downtown, and sandwiched between South William and Pearl Streets, it was designated a historic district in 1996 and received money for its much needed makeover. It is the oldest paved street in New York City and today is now an oasis of picnic tables, food and drinks, and lots of twenty-somethings (bankers, lawyers, and business types…as well as unemployed bankers, lawyers and business types!) all squished together in a one fun-block radius.

The visual experience alone is worth the trip there!  Seeing a typical narrow New York City cobblestone street set up like a European outdoor piazza is really a must-see. All the different restaurants (from Italian to Chinese) along this block have tables on the street (which is closed off to traffic) and you can restaurant-and-table hop until you find the food and location that works for you and your friends. We Magpies were there on a beautiful summer night (right after work!) and it was packed. We managed to score an outdoor picnic table for six (although we were four) at Adrienne’s Pizza Bar (which apparently ranked 14th on the New Yorker’s best city pizza!), and then they added two more people to our table. But on Stone Street, the more the merrier! We got so friendly with the additional diners (our new best friends!) that they even shared their pizza with us (which was delish) while we decided on our own menu picks! We went with the mixed olives as an appetizer and then we split a Caprese pie (topped with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella slices), a thin crust Marinara pie (half with pepperoni!) and an order of spaghetti and meatballs.

Everything was so much fun and tasted so good – maybe it’s because we arrived at happy hour and left hours later, or maybe it’s just really nice to sit outdoors on a cobblestone street in New York and eat and drink with fun friends. But whatever the reason, Stone Street made us big fans…and since there are so many different bars and restaurants there, we are pretty confident nobody will recognize us when we return…tomorrow.

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  1. Bravo! I couldn’t have said it more articulate myself.

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