C is for Cafe Lalo!

Located on the West side, on 83rd street between Amsterdam and Broadway, Cafe Lalo is a secret gem for a really late brunch (breakfast is served daily until 4 pm), lunch or a late night snack. It’s perfect for chocolate lovers (lots of chocolate cheesecake selections), breakfast lovers (they have a page devoted to international breakfast specialties) or movie lovers (“You’ve Got Mail” was filmed here!). It’s just the kind of  bistro you might find in Europe (except the waiters here speak English and seem to like Americans). It has beautiful floor to ceiling windows which makes it very bright and airy inside. We were looking for a place that was nicer than a diner but still casual enough to hang out in- and Cafe Lalo turned out to be just the ticket.  Since we were there for lunch, we selected from the sandwich portion of the menu (the menu’s so extensive that if we didn’t narrow it down…we’d have been there all night!). We split a mozzarella and tomato sandwich in pesto sauce on toasted whole grain bread (so healthy!) and an egg salad with dill garnished with anchovies (we ungarnished them). Both sandwiches were really fresh and delish.

They make a mean cappuccino and we loved their coffee, both served with a piece of Toblerone chocolate on the side. But even more- we loved their coffee cups (really oversized- think Friends’ Central Perk cups)!

We would’ve had dessert but we all are watching our weight (…go up), so instead of ordering one of  the many freshly baked pies, cheesecakes or pastries…

…we chose instead to split a frozen vanilla yogurt with berries- which was also really quite good (it reminded us of Bloomies’ creamy yogurt…maybe even better!)

Therefore, we’ve decided Cafe Lalo deserves a “C” – not as a grade, silly, but in our Alphabests!  We think its very trés bien and we’re sure you will too!

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