You Gotta Be Inn To Know Kuma Inn

You might be wondering, where in the world is Kuma Inn? No, it’s not that creepy looking bed-and-breakfast you sometimes pass on the way to grab your morning coffee. Kuma Inn is a somewhat hidden restaurant on Ludlow Street between Rivington and Delancey on the Lower East Side – but it’s well-known to foodies (and in-the-know New Yorkers) for its delicious Asian tapas menu. You might not even notice the restaurant from the street, since it’s on the second floor – but once you’re inside, the meal is pretty unforgettable! The restaurant itself is nothing spectacular – in fact, the walls and tables are pretty minimal (and totally forgettable)!

But the food more than makes up for it. We went with what sounded familiar…shrimp, steak, tuna…

…but we had to try some new dishes, too. A fellow Magpie had recommended that we check out the Chinese sausage and the pork buns on the menu (we know – sausage? pork buns? sounds like a recipe for getting sick), but that’s exactly what we ordered.  And we have to say…both were unbelievably delicious. We’ve had pork buns before, from Momofoku and Baohaus, but these were our fave by far. For those who don’t know what pork buns are, they’re usually pulled marinated pork served between two chewy, sponge-y, thick, delicious pieces of (we think?) bread. Kuma Inn’s version was extra good because it basically tasted like a sloppy joe (and who doesn’t love sloppy joes!?).

We also really enjoyed the Chinese sausage – which was so juicy, and served with a perfect sweet and sour thai-chili lime sauce and rice.

We should warn you that Kuma Inn is by no means fine dining, however, it does make for a  fun dinner experience. It’s definitely worth the trip – the food is that good. Two important things to know about the place – it’s BYOB, and cash only. So head to the nearest ATM, grab a great bottle of wine – and then check out Kuma Inn – we promise you’re inn for a treat!

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