‘Wichcraft – Scary Good!

NYC has the best food in the world – pizza, bagels, burgers…the list goes on and on. However,we Magpies have had a hard time finding a restaurant that makes a really good sandwich. We’ve written about our love of sandwiches here and here, though lately, we haven’t been loving any we’ve tried. But recently, when we stopped for a quick bite at ‘Wichcraft, we were totally impressed. ‘Wichcraft shops are Tom Colicchio’s low-end restaurants (you might know Colicchio as the hair-challenged, patronizing judge on “Top Chef”), and they’re located all over the city. All of the sandwiches on the menu looked great – but we narrowed our choices down to two: the roasted turkey sandwich, made with avocado, bacon, onion relish & aioli on a ciabatta roll…

…and the chicken salad sandwich, made with walnuts, roasted tomatoes, pickled red onions & frisée on multigrain bread.

Both were amazingly delicious, and tasted even better since we were stah-ving! We loved how both were a twist on the classic turkey club sandwich and the traditional Waldorf Chicken salad sandwich. At $9.50, these sandwiches were pricier than ones found at a local deli – but with their inventive ingredients, they somehow sounded (and tasted) way more expensive. So the next time you pass a ‘Wichcraft shop (there are a whopping 14 locations in NYC alone!), make sure to check it out. We promise, this ‘Wichcraft is scary good! The only negative comment we had…wich ‘wich to go wich!

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