Banana Republic’s Spring 2011 Fashion Forecast – Sa-Fari So Good!

We Magpies were thrilled to get a peek at the Banana Republic Spring 2011 Fashion Show this week. It turns out that one of the top “bananas” at Banana Republic is also a loyal Magpie fan! We’ve been loving the collections over the past year or two, and many of our recent purchases have become staples in our day-to-day wardrobes. Banana consistently takes high fashion trends and makes them wearable for the professional (and semi-professional!) working woman. We were really excited to see what’s in store for next season and judging from the collection, white is the new black for spring! One of our fave looks that came down the runway was a gorgeous white silk dress topped with a long vest. Sophisticated and comfortable-looking at the same time, don’t you think?

The safari look is back! We really loved the tan cargo shorts topped with a white baggy shirt and a fab cropped khaki jacket. The statement necklaces were also to die for. Note the great sandals paired with slouchy ankle socks. Now we can splurge on an extra pair ’cause we’ll save a fortune on pedis!

Another fave was the twist on the classic tan trench coat. A trendy light jacket is important for any spring wardrobe – and this trench will be in our trenches this spring!  This one was paired with khaki shorts – an interesting combination to add that touch of cool to a casual look, right?

All in all, we were thrilled to get the inside scoop about this faboosh night – and we can’t wait to perk up our spring  wardrobe when this hits stores in February!

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