Russ and Daughters – Good Lox, But We’re Not Russin’ Back

A good bagel is a Magpie staple – in fact, it’s practically its own food group for us. So, if someone tells us that there’s a place on the Lower East Side that has great bagels and appetizing spreads (think whitefish, lox, salmon and other delish fishes) we feel that it’s our duty to check it out. Russ and Daughters, located on Houston Street between Allen and Orchard Streets, has been around since 1914(!) and it doesn’t seem like there’s been any changes made to the decor since then. But like our fellow Magpie said, you don’t got there for the atmosphere. It’s definitely for the food. As soon as you enter, the smell of pickled herring hits you in the face. Pretty soon you are consumed with the different aromas of all the different fishes, which makes it really hard to decide what to put on the bagels. But since we are pros we narrowed it down quickly and went with the lox and cream cheese on an everything bagel and a sesame bagel filled with whitefish salad. Since there’s only counter service (which is a bit of a bummer if you aren’t from the ‘hood), we had to take our oozey delicious-looking sandwiches outside and eat them on a bench (which took a couple of points off of the experience).

We  loved the lox we had there, but the whitefish salad was a bit fishy for us. The bagels were surprisingly not that flavorful, though they looked really delish. Maybe it was because we had such high expectations that we were disappointed. So even though Russ and Daughters is practically a New York City landmark, it’s one bagel shop we won’t be russin’ back to…

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