Spring Natural For Brunch, A Naturally Good Choice

By now you know that our fave meal of the day is brunch. We are constantly trying out new places, and we wrote about two of our faves here and here. But all those fried French toasts, chocolate chip pancakes, and sugary muffins can be pretty fattening. So recently we decided to switch it up and go a little bit (ahem) healthier. We tried out Spring Street Natural, an organic restaurant on Spring Street near Lafayette Street. The place is very bright and airy, and given it’s fab location (just a few blocks from Broadway in Soho), we were shocked when there was no wait on a recent Sunday around noon. When we sat down, our waiter suggested we try the all fruit strawberry smoothie…and of course, we couldn’t turn it down!

We decided on one order of scrambled eggs (served with red onion) and one order of French toast to share. Even though we were in an organic restaurant, we still wanted to try our favorites!

The eggs were tasty and flavorful, and served with really good (baked!) French fries. The French toast was especially delish – smothered with fresh strawberries and blueberries. We were pleasantly surprised – we didn’t think the French toast at an organic restaurant would be as good as this was!

So the next time you want to take a shopping break in Soho to grab brunch or lunch (they also have fab-sounding salads and sandwiches), and Balthazar says they have a two hour wait (really? two hours? how is that possible, every day?), head a few blocks east to Spring Street Natural. This food tastes sooo good, naturally!

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