John May-er May Not Have Gotten Laid Saturday Night…

Halloween can be really funny, really scary, or really weird. This past Saturday night…it was all three! We Magpies were waiting for a cab outside La Esquina on Kenmare Street on Halloween Eve when all of a sudden we saw a familiar face in an elaborate Storm Troopers costume. It was John Mayer! And even though we were caught off-guard at first by what he was wearing (obvs, everyone tries to look cool or clever in their costumes, but he really looked extra ridiculous), we were more interested in what he was shouting as he (literally) swung around a street sign. He was saying things like, “New York City Halloween…how am I gonna get laid tonight? Who’s gonna have sex with me tonight?” Which brings us to a unanimous thought we had…what exactly did Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson and Minka Kelly see in this overgrown baby anyway?! We love his music too but he really acted like a huge tool! We’re still wondering if he May-er or May not have gotten lucky Halloween Eve…maybe next time, he should try singing his request!

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