Kate Middleton’s Dress Coming To A Store Near You…Again?

We don’t know about you – but we Magpies thought Kate Middleton looked simply stuh-ning in her recently released engagement photos. And we were surprised (well, shocked!) to learn that the Reiss dress she wore in the royal couple’s “formal” picture was not from this season (it was actually from Fall 2009)! Well – listen to this – now, due to high demand, Reiss will be re-releasing this dress in the springtime! The “Nannette” dress will be in stores in January – when the Spring 2011 collection comes out. We’ll be first in line – although sadly, wearing the dress will be the closest we’ll ever get to Prince William!  You know the saying…always the princess dress (which is white, too tight and doesn’t quite lay right) never the princess! Oh, um, you’ve never heard that? Nevermind.

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