Those Oldies but Goodies

We Magpies are constantly on the hunt for the latest and newest “it” beauty products. But sometimes in our collection (well, mess) of makeup, we’ll stumble upon something that we once loved but somehow forgot about. Here are some products we’ve rediscovered lately – that we’re falling in love with all over again.

1) Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Smoky Quartz – We honestly probably first bought this back in 2006 – but once freshly sharpened, we remembered why we did. This pencil is the perfect gray/purple shade – just dark enough to give eyes a subtle, smokey look with some definition, and light enough so it’s very wearable day or night. It’s great on a variety of eye colors – and it’s highly recommended.

2) Smith’s Rosebud Salve – This classic lip balm is the only thing that seems to work for our chapped lips. Plus, it gives just a hint of a rosy tone to give lips a hint of color. We’ve tried other lip balms over the years – but we keep coming back to this one.

3) MAC Paint Pot in Painterly – We Magpies have tried just about every product that is supposed to keep eyeshadow on all day. In the past we’ve told you about Urban Decay Primer Potion, and Benefit’s Lemon-aid, but lately, we’ve found that it’s just not working for us. We rediscovered MAC’s Painterly Paint Pot in the bottom of an old cosmetics case – and we love it. Not only does it even out the tone on our lids – but it truly keeps our fave MAC shadows (Brule, Espresso, Wedge, etc) on all day.(and we’re extremely happy that we haven’t developed any bad rash from using a shadow that’s sooo old! well…not yet…)

4) Bobbi Brown lip gloss in Aubergine – We pretty much lived for this color in the early part of the decade. But all of a sudden, we traded in this shade for colors that were a bit lighter and more nude. Recently, we decided we wanted our lip color to make more of a statement – so we tried it again…and it just does the trick. It’s the perfect gloss to give a hint of color without looking too “done.” Note – it looks darker in the tube…just try it though – we promise, you’ll love it.

5) Chanel Ombre Esssentiale Eyeshadow in Taupe Gris – this really isn’t that old, but we just misplaced it, and forgot how much we liked it! Lucky for us that we were trying to organize our makeup and we found it!  This eyeshadow goes on smoothly and evenly, with a bit of shimmer without leaving glitter flakes all over your face. It’s great to use as a brow highlight during the day, and when applied more heavily, it gives the most faboosh smokey eyes  for glamming it up at night.

So that about wraps it up on our newly found favorite oldies. We’re pretty sure that we will rediscover some more goodies, and we will keep you posted as we continue to organize our cosmetic collection! On a side note, on the next snow day, be like a Magpie, and clean out your makeup bag and see what treasures you uncover and fall back in love with! (and puh-leaze let us know if we’d love it too!)

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